Information technology consulting

We offer services to create and implement a comprehensive and technology-driven strategy for better business performance, helping our clients to define the most appropriate sourcing strategy and technologic solution selection. Our support for different business units focuses on optimizing efficiency by adopting the right IT solutions and optimizing IT costs.

How we bring business and information technology together


After understanding the business goals, we provide a comprehensive proposal related to the processes, policies, resources needed, including networks, cloud technology, software/hardware and human resources.


Based on the business objectives, we can define an agile, flexible and scalable IT system with related tools and processes.


Adopting the right IT solution, we ensure our clients implementing different hardware assets and related software applications needed for both pilot and fully deployed systems. We help finalize the IT project on time, on budget, and to meet the business needs.


We conduct processes to ensure that the installed systems work as expected.
It includes data integration problems correction and training to use the system. After this, we guarantee performance by measuring, monitoring and managing the IT system.


The companies need to protect the provided product and solution business value by keeping their data secure. We help our clients to prevent IT security threats by identifying and securing network weaknesses. After this, we make recommendations for hardware and software upgrades and solutions such as cryptography, tamper protection, biometric identification, etc.

Technology Advisory Services

Today more and more development projects have become more complex as technologies rapidly change (for ex.: artificial intelligence, cryptography, blockchain, image recognition technologies, etc.). In this area, we help our clients to solve complex hardware and software challenges. Our support is using information technology to overcome business problems.

Obtaining an understanding of the client’s business needs, we help increase efficiency and effectiveness in many ways.

Feasibility study

The study is a crucial economic, technical, legal information to understand all aspects of the business plan. The client becomes aware of the potential risks that could occur while implementing the project.

Business case

With costs and benefits analysis, the client can decide if the selected technology solution and related infrastructure upgrades are financially worthwhile.

Technology modeling

Research emerging technologies or prototyping the technological outcome to decide if installing them can provide an effective and efficient solution.

Project management

We help our partners with planning, organizing, coordinating and validating the IT development projects.


Welcome letter

I am pleased to inform our esteemed shareholders on behalf of Polaris IT Group SA that the greatest event took place in the history of our company in the past few days as the Polish Company Registration Court registered the resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting made on the 6th day of July 2020. As a…

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Information on completing the order of healthcare products

Polaris IT Group SA hereby announces that iSRV Zrt, being a member of the company group, has partially completed the agreement concluded in the spring of 2020. iSRV Zrt has engaged itself in distributing medical equipment for two Hungarian state bodies, through a contributing partner, with a total contract value of approx. EUR 36 million. …

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Obtaining subsidy for employment.

Polaris IT Group SA informs that the application for a subsidy, submitted by the Issuer’s subsidiary iSRV Zrt., in the competition “Encouraging professional expansion”, has been positively considered, and the Company will receive a subsidy in the amount of HUF 41,983,200 (approx. PLN 518,000) in under this economic development support program. As part of the…

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